About Us

Mission Statement:

GPI provides valuable support, shared information and helpful services to member companies, including:

  • Promotion of member companies, products, and related business news
  • Best practices and monitoring of developments and changes in industry standards
  • Problem resolution techniques for common business challenges
  • Industry statistics and sharing of relevant industry information
  • Information about new equipment, materials and processes
  • Educational and informative meetings programs 

About GPI:

GPI is a unique collective, an organization comprised of companies that meet at the intersection of branding and compliance. Our association members are well-positioned to shape trends and meet challenges, and foster the relationships that build opportunity.

Our organization unites companies under a cohesive banner. Our members produce and manufacture vital, unique, and artistic products and services, including membrane switches, overlays, touch screens, instrument clusters, front panels, nameplates, labels, decorative trim, man/machine interfaces, dials, and scales. Our impact is — quite literally — visually evident across the globe and seen on and in thousands of products.

We are GPI, the National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers.

Get Connected
A GPI membership will enable you to make connections and build relationships with peer and supplier professionals from across the industry. Considering the sensitive nature of some of our members’ products, confidentiality is key, and trust among members is at a high level. The benefits of membership are wide-reaching, and can have a positive impact on your business:

  • Valuable Meetings. Our Annual Meeting is held each spring. This three-day event covers topics relevant to the entire membership, in particular, those who hold executive management roles. Owners, presidents, vice presidents, key decision-makers discuss industry issues and challenges. Our Semi-Annual Meeting, held in the fall, is a two-day event focused on technical subjects, such as new materials, processes, regulations, and industry trends, as well as key business issues on subjects affecting your bottom line.
  • Unique Networking Opportunities. GPI is member-driven. At our meetings, educational presentations are balanced with ample time to network among your senior-level peers. At GPI events, owners meet with owners, marketing executives confer with their counterparts at other companies, and CEOs and CFOs sit down with other C-level executives, to discuss industry issues within a confidential and welcoming setting. Such invaluable interaction with your peer group is one of the key benefits of a membership association.
  • A Voice In The Industry. As the most focused industry association for engineered graphics, we never duplicate the efforts of other organizations and we never dilute our focus with broad coverage of the specialty printing market. We give voice only to our very specific marketplace. Collectively, we can make a difference.
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GPI was founded as the Metal Etching & Fabricating Association (MEFA).

With the advent of new materials, processes, products, and technologies, we changed our name to the National Association of Nameplate Manufacturers, Inc. (NAME).

The association adopted a new name: The National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers, Inc. (GPI).

The Future
GPI continually strengthens our member companies by fostering partnerships and strengthening relationships within the leading worldwide organization.

GPI Antitrust Policy

It is the policy of the National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers, Inc. to comply with anti-trust laws. Under those laws, competitors cannot make agreements or even have informal understandings among themselves that restrain competition on the price, output, quality or distribution of their products.

Click here for the full GPI antitrust policy (PDF)