We are GPI, the National Association of Graphic and
Product Identification Manufacturers

GPI is a unique collective, an organization comprised of companies that meet at the intersection of branding and compliance.  Our association membership is comprised of companies that are on the cutting edge, literally, at the intersection of branding and compliance. We provide vital and unique product identification markings such as nameplates, labels, identification tags, engraving and metal etching, and more. Our impact is visually evident across the globe, in thousands and thousands of products.

Our members produce and manufacture vital, unique, and artistic products and services, including membrane switches, overlays, touch screens, instrument clusters, front panels, nameplates, labels, decorative trim, man/machine interfaces, dials, and scales. Our impact is — quite literally — visually evident across the globe and seen on and in thousands of products.

Get Connected
A GPI membership will enable you to make connections and build relationships with peer and supplier professionals from across the industry. The benefits of membership are wide-reaching, and can have a positive impact on your business:

  • Valuable Meetings. 
  • Unique Networking Opportunities
  • A Voice In The Industry

Our Mission

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Our mission would not be Possible without our Members

Associate Membership
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