Join GPI

GPI membership means forging relationships with and gaining access to dozens of senior level executives in our industry. Their knowledge and experience drives business innovation — and can create unique opportunities for growing and expanding your network and positively affecting your profitability. Access to trends, news, and the group’s knowledge is a core benefit of membership in the GPI collective. And you can be a tap into it — but only if you join.

Benefits of membership include:

  • GPI Economic Advisor – monthly newsletter – This monthly e-newsletter is richly packed with relevant information to those in our industry, including an economic reviews, relevant articles, news tidbits about various industry benchmarks, answers to reader questions, pending federal legislation, and a detailed business advisory and forecast.
  • Monthly Industry Report – This is a detailed Excel spreadsheet including monthly data on book-to-bill ratios and general monthly industry statistics.
  • Annual Financial Performance Survey (Corporate Members) – The data for this report is compiled from a detailed, confidential survey conducted annually of all GPI member companies, and includes information about aspects such as material costs, labor costs, manufacturing and administrative expenses, profits and employee data. This tool is very helpful to members so they can see how their expenses, costs and profits align with other member companies.
  • Executive Summary (Associate Members) - The Associate Report provides a graphical overview of 2014 industry performance. It includes key ratios in areas such as profitability and employee productivity. The Trends Poll gives an indication of the changing importance of various customer requirements. An outlook for future sales by process is also included.
  • Meeting Opportunities - Opportunity to attend annual meetings, semi-annual meetings and the Business EXPO (every three years)

Membership in GPI has immediate and immeasurable value. Our meetings and industry forums provide a unique opportunity to follow and capitalize on continuously changing market conditions. Designed exclusively for owners and senior executives/officers of eligible member companies, GPI’s programming provides a unique forum packed with exchanges of information. We discuss how to manage issues and respond to trends proactively, to help your company succeed and to prepare for the future.

No other group or association offers the unique opportunity to network with your industry peers, suppliers and competitors that GPI membership affords. Become a member today!