Annual/Semi Annual Meetings

These are truly unique events, where a specially selected, highly focused group of top-level executives from various GPI member companies come together in a confidential and collaborative atmosphere.

At GPI meetings, business leaders hear presentations about industry trends, share best practices, discuss business challenges, and brainstorm solutions. The exclusivity and confidentiality these meetings foster enable sharing at a unique, high level, with your peers. The open atmosphere encourages networking and can directly help your business grow and thrive in the face of the most current challenges.

At our meetings, we discuss as a group how to engage our clients and better align our business practices around their needs, demonstrating and maximizing our value to them. This sharing and collaboration is done with the parameters of all antitrust laws, which GPI Legal Counsel monitors.

Each meeting is dedicated to incorporating specific themes relevant to advancing industry leadership:

  • Annual Meeting: Sales/ Strategy / HR / Environment
  • Semi-Annual Meeting: Technical / ERP / Manufacturing / Operations / CMMC / Compliance / Legal / EPA / OSHA / Cybersecurity

In addition to the professional networking and educational aspects, we offer time to foster relationships and friendships that strengthen our collective.

Our meetings are for members only, but businesses considering membership are allowed to send an attendee to one meeting for free – that’s how confident we are that you’ll see the value in these events and join our organization.

For details on attending your first GPI meeting as a non-member, contact Anna Singer, Managing Director at